Canadian Shorts: Ode to the Past

  • 51 mins

This program is available to watch for the duration of the festival (Nov 10 – Nov 13, 2021) after purchase.  However, once you press play to start watching a film, you have 24 hours to finish watching. Only accessible by viewers anywhere in CANADA.

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In this program

But You’re Not Black

Directed by Danielle Ayow

But You’re Not Black opens on Toronto’s Caribana, a festival Danielle Ayow has attended for most of her life. The festival represents her parents’ Trinidadian culture, but Danielle is also visibly Chinese. With heart and humour, she struggles with how people see her background and how she sees herself.

Looking Back

Directed by Anna Anaka

A lonely mother and an angry daughter are forced to come to terms with their individual regrets within their relationship. Will they ever be able to forgive themselves, or each other?

The Goddard Kit

Directed by Alice Wang

In the hospital waiting for her rape kit test, Ellie disassociates and finds herself trapped in one of Marty Goddard’s dioramas. There, she finds clues left by Marty, the true creator of the rape kit whose work went unrecognized, while deciding whether to file the police report or not.

Fuad (RYN)

Directed by Anand Pavamani

Reclaim Your Name Campaign: For anyone, making it in the film industry is hard and ffter 9/11, it…

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