Fuad (RYN)

Directed by Anand Pavamani

Reclaim Your Name Campaign:

For anyone, making it in the film industry is hard and ffter 9/11, it became almost impossible for Muslim Actors. Fuad Ahmed went through a journey of changing his name to Gabe Grey to improve his odds and it worked. However with Islamophobia on the rise, culminating with the London Ontario terror attacks, this pivotal tragedy caused him to reflect within and take a stance.

Director Bio: Anand Pavamani is a Filmmaker and Composer who has produced several short films and is currently working on his first feature animated film. He is the founder of Paixtriot, a Media company aimed at telling stories of social impact.

Writer: Fuad Ahmed

Producers: Anand Pavamani

Plays in

Elimin8Hate Reclaim Your Name Campaign

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