ScreenX Spotlight GUIMOON: The Lightless Door (Nov. 14)

  • 95 mins

Date: November 14, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00 pm (PST)

This film will be screened at the Scotiabank Theatre, ScreenX Auditorium, a 270° panoramic in-person screening experience.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT: As many of the films have not been previously classed by Consumer Protection BC, under BC law, only members of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival Society (VAFF) can attend the Film Festival and members must be 18 years or older. Learn more

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Guimoon: The Lightless Door 귀문

Directed by Sim Deok-geun

In a community center where a mass murder took place years earlier and it involves a paranormal investigator…

Dates & Times
Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver

Sun, Nov 14
2:00 pm

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