Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon Shorts Program (Nov. 7)

  • 60 mins

Date: November 7, 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 4:15 pm (PST)

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT: As many of the films have not been previously classed by Consumer Protection BC, under BC law, only members of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival Society (VAFF) can attend the Film Festival and members must be 18 years or older. Learn more

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In this program


Directed by Tesh Guttikonda

After preparing for the worst Kamadhenu is faced with a pleasant surprise she can’t wrap her head around.

Lauren in the Bathroom

Directed by Tammy Tsang

Lauren inspects herself, displeased with what she sees. Turning to leave, Lauren is faced with visions of her past and glimpses into what her future holds. While watching her oldest self come to terms with her own insecurities, Lauren takes her place before the mirror once again.

Closing Doors

Directed by Cynthia Zhou, PoChun Chen

In 1990s Vancouver, Susanne returns to her former workplace and residence, a Chinatown hostel, to retrieve her belongings. As she waits for the elevator, she meets her ex-best-friend Su Qi. Shaken by the sudden reunion, Susanne finds the courage to apologize to Su Qi for the first time and say farewell for the final time.

The Door, the Hall, and the Wall

Directed by Darian Lung

The mundane routine of a man’s life manifests itself physically as an infinite looping hallway. He must search deep within himself to find the means to escape.

Switch City

Directed by Allen Xu & Behnam Salimy

After stealing an ancient dumpling recipe, Mo travels to the baddest part of Switch City, The Bad Guy’s Bar, to find his home among the different gangs that plague the semi-futuristic city. Being half of both the Thief Gang and Burglar Gang, Mo must decide between the two.

Hail Marie

Directed by Harley Maranan

A rivalry brews between Joseph and his older sister, Marie, when they must welcome their father’s Canadian boss for dinner. Having never hosted a Canadian before, Joseph taps into his Filipino roots to impress his Dad’s boss—much to the dismay of Marie and their parents, who hold Western ideals and customs over their own in this story of changing identities, cultural compromise, and family.

Two Wheels

Directed by Benton Robertson and Crystal Kong

Bike racing his way through the summer, Rashed struggles to connect with the boys who live in his complex after his best friend moves away. When Rashed’s bike is stolen, he has an opportunity to form new friendships as those around him band together to help him recover his bike.

Not My Age

Directed by Kaitlyn Lee

Grandma Lee loves going on adventures with her twenty-year-old Granddaughter Dawn. But things take a turn for the worst when she breaks her leg on one of their nightly expeditions. She struggles with the limitations of her body and her Granddaughter helps her see a new perspective.


Directed by Joshua Aries

A hardened, time-travelling, hitman reluctantly chooses between eliminating his high-profile target or stopping the painful (and pivotal) heartbreak…

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