International Shorts: On a Cinematic Journey

  • 85 mins

This program is available to watch for the duration of the festival (Nov 12 – Nov 13, 2021) after purchase.  However, once you press play to start watching a film, you have 24 hours to finish watching. Only accessible by viewers anywhere in CANADA.

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In this program

Silent Night

Directed by Charis Chu & Ben Liu

Deep in the dingy Temple Street of Hong Kong on Christmas Eve, Kit, who has been trafficking goods for his boss ManLong for years, is sent for a mysterious delivery pick-up that leads him to a shocking discovery about his past.

Watch Your Back

Directed by SUK Jaeseung

“ Why didn’t you check it, stupid”
Gu-Mok who lives another day like a hyena gets his phone switched at the convenience store.
Hwa-young gets invited to retrieve her phone at Gu-Mok’s office.
Once Gu-Mok arrives at the office, Hwa-Young claims to have came yesterday?
“She came yesterday?”


Directed by Shang-Sing Guo

When sixth-grader boy Qiu is bullied at school for having gay dads, he tries to prove that he is straight and manly.
Meanwhile, his stepfather Jia-How, a flamboyant jazz trumpet player, must confront his own childhood bullying trauma before he can give his son a true sense of security.

Third Culture Kid

Directed by Truong Dam

James Heinrich Nguyen, a Third Culture Kid, is battling an inner conflict about cultural heritage, identity and marriage.


Directed by Kevin J. Nguyen

John is a hopeless romantic with a mission: to confess his feelings for his friend, Henry. But Henry is moving away the next day, and a surprise going-away party foils John’s plans. Now, John is left wondering how he can still make his feelings known before the night is over.

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