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International Shorts: Family Portraits

  • 84 mins

This program is available to watch for the duration of the festival (Nov 11 – Nov 13, 2021) after purchase.  However, once you press play to start watching a film, you have 24 hours to finish watching. Only accessible by viewers anywhere in CANADA.

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In this program

The Taste of Ginger

Directed by Jean-Robert Thomann

Zhi-Wei and Shu-Fen are a Taiwanese couple in their late forties, whose lives are marked by routine and sadness. Zhi-Wei meets with Amanda, a former lover visiting Taiwan, on a night during which the suffering he carries deep within himself is revealed.

The King of Backyard

Directed by Hansl von KWON

Jinho lives in misery. His boss torments him, and doesn’t pay his salary for months. The one thing he takes pride in is being the champion of his backyard wrestling crew. Desperate for a change, he challenges his boss to a no-holds-barred wrestling match to win his paycheck.

Everything Stays

Directed by Cole Bacani

This is a story about what it’s like to be the first in a big Filipino family to leave home. Gabe has always been a big brother to his cousins; now they are trying to convince him to stay in Illinois. Gabe must decide what’s more important: his family, or his future?


Directed by Emi Yasumura

Wao encounters three strange people: they are aliens, and Wao is told that he must return to his home planet with them. He’s worried about leaving behind his parents, who do not get along, so he enlists the aliens’ help to repair their relationship before he leaves.