Canadian Shorts: Through a Woman’s Eyes

  • 62 mins

This program is available to watch for the duration of the festival (Nov 12 – Nov 13, 2021) after purchase.  However, once you press play to start watching a film, you have 24 hours to finish watching. Only accessible by viewers anywhere in CANADA.

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In this program

Lynda (RYN)

Directed by Eileen Park Robertson

Reclaim Your Name Campaign: Lynda Shioya, a 3rd generation Canadian of Chinese descent, speaks to Eileen Park Robertson…


Directed by Dom Cutrupi

Nero, Sumi, Rainbow, Rakesh and Leonie all speak different languages. They communicate via Polyglob, an instant-translation device. When Polyglob servers crash, Sumi, a Japanese video gamer and Nero, an Italian pastry chef, struggle to communicate with each other and save their careers. Can their relationship survive without a shared language?

Perfect Daughter

Directed by Jasleen Kaur

New to the neighbourhood, the Sandhu family invites their neighbours, the Sainis, over for dinner. A glimpse into the Sandhu family’s past shows a very different image from the one they present to others, and raises more questions than answers when the true nature of their daughter, Rani, is revealed.

Esther & Sai

Directed by Rosie Choo Pidcock & Anaïsa Visser

Sai, a Chinese immigrant, and Esther, a Nigerian immigrant, have come to train as nurses in Canada. The night before their first class, both women find themselves homesick. Based on a true story, Esther & Sai captures the struggle of immigrating to a new country through the beginning of a lifelong friendship.


Directed by Cavan Campbell

Sriyani, an idealistic and overtaxed Sri Lankan-Canadian social worker, is a counsellor at a telephone helpline. She has built her life around helping others, often at the expense of those closest to her.

So who is going to defend Sriyani when she is hypnotized by a caller tonight?

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