Canadian Animated Shorts Spotlight (Nov. 7)

  • 60 mins

Date: November 7, 2021 (Sunday)
Time:2:45 pm (PST)


MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT: As many of the films have not been previously classed by Consumer Protection BC, under BC law, only members of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival Society (VAFF) can attend the Film Festival and members must be 18 years or older. Learn more

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In this program

Out Of Touch

Directed by Henry He

In the process of reconnecting with his grandparents after years apart, he falls from
the sky into his body when he was a baby and two large rats that are dressed as his
grandparents take on the role of his caregiver. He relives his earliest memories with
these strange rats, but things get even weirder as the world he’s in starts to glitch.

I am not an Angel

Directed by Joe Chang

This film is a tribute to the sacrifices health care workers make for the rest of us. They are ordinary people, but they are extra-ordinary. Too modest to call themselves heroes, they put themselves in danger to take care of us. In director Joe Chang’s eyes, they are truly angels.

In the Shadow of the Pines

Directed by Anne Koizumi

In the Shadow of the Pines is an animated short documentary about a difficult father-daughter relationship. Drawing on childhood memories, filmmaker Anne Koizumi explores her upbringing with her Japanese immigrant dad, who was also the janitor at the elementary school she attended.


Directed by W Chung

Realizing her son is about to leave for college, a mom tries to bond with him the only way she knows how.

4 North A

Directed by Howie Shia, Jordan Canning

A woman sits in a hospital room, alone with her dying father. As the din of hospital noises pushes her to confront her inevitable loss, she escapes into a series of lush childhood memories. 4 North A is a celebration of the fleeting joys of life and a bittersweet reminder that we don’t always get the closure we seek.

bàba 爸爸

Directed by Stephanie Wong

In this stop-motion animated short, a luna moth arrives to reawaken the memories of his past life, warding off the fear that threatens to leave him forgotten. bàba is a journey that brings life to the ordinary, in tribute to an extraordinary life.

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