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My Name (RYN)

Directed by Anand Pavamani
  • 2021
  • 5 mins

Reclaim Your Name Campaign:

“My name” is the story of award winning actor and writer Sugith Varughese’s name, who has been a pioneer in the film industry for many BIPOC and South Asian Canadians throughout his life.  Sugith tells us the personal story of his name and how his identity has been impacted by the culture of the industry over his successful career, which has spanned multiple decades and hundreds of credits.

Director Bio: Anand Pavamani is a Filmmaker and Composer who has created several short films and is currently working on his first animated film. He is the founder of Paixtriot, a Media company aimed at telling stories of social impact.

Producer’s name – Anand Pavamani

Writer’s name – Sugith Varughese

Plays in

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