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VAFF INDUSTRY presents: AIM³ SUMMIT (Asians in Movies + Media + Music)

For 20 years, VAFF has championed increasing diversity and representation in mainstream media, in front of and behind, the camera. Vancouver is the ideal location for like-minded advocates to gather—we are home to a large, active Asian filmmaking and acting population, affectionately referred to as “Hollywood North”, and arguably the best gateway to Asia. VAFF fiercely supports campaigns such as #StarringJohnCho and #OscarsSoWhite, and will continue to help coordinate these passionate efforts into an actionable plan for substantial change.

For each of the three summit sessions, panel speakers will share personal stories, journeys, and experiences in their fields, then gather at the end of the session to participate in a roundtable discussion allowing for the audience the opportunity to join in on the conversations.

AIM³ session registration is open to VAFF Industry, Filmmaker and VIP Passholders, as well as festival ticket holders with membership.

SESSION 1:  Asians in Comics: Genesis for Future Screenplays – BUY TICKETS

  • Speaker 1: Jennifer de Guzman
  • Speaker 2:  Jon Tsuei
  • Speaker 3: Sarah Kuhn
  • Speaker 4: Christine Norrie
  • Speaker 5: Bernard Chang
  • Moderator: Leonard S Wong

SESSION 2:  Asians in Music: In Search of Asian Rockstars in North America – BUY TICKETS

  • Speaker 1 & 2: SA TrackWorks (Steve Smith and Anthony Anderson)
  • Speaker 3: Troy Samson
  • Speaker 4: Gina Oh
  • Speaker 5: Alfa Garcia
  • Speaker 6: David Quan
  • Speaker 7: Jane Shin
  • Speaker 8: Music BC (Lindsay MacPherson and Becky Wosk)
  • Moderator: Andrea Gin

SESSION 3:  Asians in Movies: Casting for Asian Leads and Standing up for Change – BUY TICKETS

  • Keynote Speaker: William Yu
  • Speaker 1: Kevin K. Li
  • Speaker 2: Judy Lee
  • Speaker 3: Raymond Massey
  • Speaker 4: Agam Darshi
  • Speaker 5: Diana Bang
  • Speaker 6: Jeff Yang
  • Speaker 7: National Bank – Film Financing
  • Moderator: Lee Shortern

DATE: Friday, November 4–Saturday, November 5, 2016

LOCATION:  Cineplex Odeon International Village Theatres, 88 W. Pender Street, Vancouver

For the session schedule, description and panelist/moderator announcement updates, please refer to the online schedule for Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3


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