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Directed by Theo Kim

Program 11: Life In Multiculture / Canada / 2014 / Action, Comedy / 8 mins / English / Colour

#Yellowman film still
Plays In:
Program 11 – Life In Multiculture

Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
November 9, 2014 2:00 pm


Dr. Yee Low develops superpowers after life altering accident at the World Antimatter Science Lab. Now Yellowman, together with his partner and girlfriend, Dr. Ronda Aye aka ‘RoundEye’, they start the first superhero agency, Hero Inc. After posting a video showing their powers that goes instantly viral, Yellowman is an overnight success with money and fame. Celebrity and temptations lead Yellowman to fail in his relationship and his mission to make the world a better place. Can Yellowman save himself and the world in it’s greatest time of need?


MAMM 10 Winner, Second Place, Narrative Category

Director's Bio

Born in Seoul, Korea and transplanted to Vancouver just one year later, Theo G. Kim has been here ever since. He received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of British Columbia which landed him jobs with both the Vancouver Canucks and Grizzlies. Shortly after leaving those organizations he started his own ticket brokerage firm, but still felt unfulfilled. Ever creative and with a continued love for the cinema, Theo saw his passion for films as a possible future. He decided to go back to school, and graduated from the Film Production Program at Vancouver Film School in April 2011. Finishing near the top of his class he was one of only six students selected to direct a Final Project film, based on an intensive pitch process. He is currently working on a selection of comedy shorts that will hopefully entertain and make people laugh. With a passion for comedy, thrillers and crime films; his goal is to write/direct features in all three genres.


Writer: Theo Kim
Producers: Theo Kim, Phil Planta


  1. Radicalizing Intimacy film still

    Radicalizing Intimacy

    Stephanie Fung & Joanna Yang / Program 11: Life In Multiculture / Canada / 2014 / Documentary / 8 mins
    How are queer Asian Canadian youth radicalizing intimacy in their lives?

    Preceded by: #YELLOWMAN

    Precedes: Goodnight Sun

Plays in

  1. Program 11 - Life in Multiculture


    Program 11: Life In Multiculture / 93 mins
    The audience favourite Vancity shorts program returns! LIFE IN MULTICULTURE showcases eight short films from Vancouver-based filmmakers - including the winners of this year's Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon filmmaking contest, "Stick With You" and "#YELLOWMAN." Funny, serious or sad, the films in this program unflinchingly explore the changing faces and conflicts of contemporary Canadian life in Metro Vancouver, including the ongoing impact of cultural pluralism on how we see our country, our city and ourselves.

    In This Program: Goodnight Sun, Radicalizing Intimacy, #YELLOWMAN, Stick With You, Mattress, Souvenir, Next Like, Gran Nigel

Preceded By

  1. Stick With You - film still

    Stick With You

    Vulcan Siu / Program 11: Life In Multiculture / Canada / 2014 / Thriller / 8 mins
    After a heavy drinking party, a college student, Ian, decides to drive back to the dorm. On his ride back, his car drives onto a curb and hits something - with unforeseen consequences.

    Preceded by: Mattress

    Precedes: #YELLOWMAN

Dates & Times

Plays In:
Program 11 – Life In Multiculture

Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas
November 9, 2014 2:00 pm