Where We Belong

Directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasmee

Cast: Jennis Oprasert, Praewa Suthamphong

It is Sue’s final moments in her small hometown in Chanthaburi province. She’s going to continue her studies in Finland through a scholarship she applied to by herself without telling her father, sparking anger and silence from him. She’s never been abroad before and doesn’t know how and what to pack. How many things will be enough to bring to her new life? What do they not have there? What can she find there? Unconsciously, in every piece of luggage, people take their livelihoods with them. Some bring a lot; some bring very little. Some things have to be thrown away, while other things have to be kept. Thus, Sue makes a checklist of all the things she has to prepare before she leaves. Belle, her best friend, accompanies her on this project. Through this checklist, Sue—the struggling girl who wants to escape, and Belle—the girl who may stay put for the rest of her life, wander around on a motorbike through the nooks and crannies of the town, meeting different people for the very last time. Sue discovers that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t take everything with her. In the midst of all the things she’s surrounded by, she’s inhibited from being herself. Sue struggles her hardest to get away—anywhere else in the world where she can feel comfortable in her skin.

Best Picture, the 28th Bangkok Critics Assembly Awards

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