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Film Basurero Directed by Eileen Cabiling A Filipino fisherman, desperate for money, turns to dumping bodies into the sea for the current Philippine "Drug…

Before the summer passes

Film Before the summer passes Directed by KIM Sohyoung A Korean grandmother meets a Japanese granddaughter.

Beyond the Dream – Closing Night Spotlight

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Film Beyond the Dream – Closing Night Spotlight Directed by Kiwi Chow A recovering schizophrenic encounters the young and beautiful Yan and quickly falls in love with her. Just when…


Film CHEN CHEN Directed by Kargo Chen We are both CHEN.

Christopher Kim

Film Christopher Kim Directed by Joshua Maikawa Christopher struggles to meet his mother's expectations on the day of his piano exam.

Deeper I Go

Film Deeper I Go Directed by Michael P. Vidler The profound loss of a loved one drives a man to desperation.


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Film Gyopo Directed by Samuel Kiehoon Lee Several interweaving stories about an eclectic mix of English speaking Korean expats living in Seoul.
Shot with no script…


Film LAURA Directed by Kaayla Whachell Laura, a young half Indigenous woman undergoes a conversation with her lawyer Mr. Wilson to determine how to…

Little Miss Period

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Film Little Miss Period Directed by Shunsuke Shinada If you’re a woman, you have to deal with your “monthly visitor” - your period - whether you…

Lookalike( )_22yo_Koreancollegegirl.avi

Film Lookalike( )_22yo_Koreancollegegirl.avi Directed by JUNG Hye-won Hyewon finds out her sex video leaked by her ex-boyfriend.


Film LUZ Directed by Jon Chiang Mark's search for his ex-girlfriends cat leads him down a rabbit hole.


Film Mothering Directed by KIM Mid-eum Jee-eun is not satisfied with the newcomer Seul-gi’s inadequate childcare techniques


Film Nene Directed by King Louie Palomo An elderly painter is visited by her daughter and grandson, not knowing it will be the last time.


Film Ruwatan Directed by Ernest Lesmana Accompanying her blind mother undergo alternative therapy is one of Sri's weekly routines. Today might be their last…

Small Bites

Film Small Bites Directed by Andy Wong A woman goes hiking with a group of friends where she is bombarded with mosquitos, and micro aggressive…

The Cloud Is Still There

Film The Cloud Is Still There Directed by Mickey Lai A young woman grapples with clashing religious beliefs as she prays for her terminally ill grandfather.

To Borrow, To Keep

Film To Borrow, To Keep Directed by Chanelle Wang, Victoria Park A Cantonese American woman must reconcile with the quiet yet
consuming shame of her uncle's gambling addiction.

Under the Flag

Film Under the Flag Directed by Jiawei Cheng A driven and conscientious girl at China’s premier dance school gets the lead position in a prestigious performance…

Where We Belong

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Film Where We Belong Directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasmee One girl trying to escape, another probably stay there all her life…
By spending their last weekend together, they…

White Elephant

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Film White Elephant Directed by Andrew Chung Set in 1996, 16-year-old Pooja finds herself violently torn between her crush on a white boy, and her…

Wish You Were Here

Film Wish You Were Here Directed by Shiun Okada & Yuko Masaki An imaginative girl brings her unwilling boyfriend on an emotional rollercoaster to Japan from the comfort of their…
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Stealing School

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Film Stealing School Directed by Li Dong April, a brilliant programmer with a promising career ahead, is accused of plagiarism by Keith, who drags her...