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VAFF IN THEATRE Health and Safety Protocols

Theatre:  Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinema

  • All of the theatre employees and VAFF volunteers are required to wear face masks at all times at the venue before, during, and after the show.
  • The theatre will run at a reduced capacity of 50 people or less in any space, at any time. There will be a hard limit of two seats per group booking to ensure appropriate social distancing can be maintained.
  • Lineups for the admittance to the theatre will form outside at the 3rd floor lobby and have clear signage to indicate where patrons should stand to ensure appropriate social distancing.
  • Theatre staff and VAFF volunteers will assist with assigned seating in the auditorium. Patrons who attend together are permitted to sit together (again, this is strictly limited to two patrons per seating group).
  • VAFF would be responsible for counting the total number of patrons entering the auditorium (limited to 50 – including all patrons, Cineplex staff, and VAFF volunteers & staff)
  • Lineups for the restrooms will be clearly marked with floor decals.
  • Auditorium entrances/exits will be clearly marked.
  • As per the directive of the Provincial Health Officer of BC, Cineplex is required to collect personal information from every guest to assist with government-enforced contact tracing.

Hand Sanitizer & Face Masks

  • The theatre strongly recommends all patrons wear a face mask when entering, while in the lobby, in line at the concession, and while using washrooms. A supply of masks will be available at the theatre for no charge.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located by VAFF’s information desk area.


  • Cineplex is responsible for cleaning of high-contact areas, such as door handles, counter tops, railings, elevator buttons, and customer service barriers. Thorough cleaning of the theatre lobby, hallways, restrooms, etc., will take place before, during, and after each screening.
  • Cineplex is responsible for cleaning the seating area after each screening.

Box Office:

  • THE VAFF BOX OFFICE WILL NOT BE ON SITE. The limited ticket sales will be conducted online only.
  • Online tickets will be available for a single seat or a pair of seats.
  • No Standby or Rush Tickets will be sold at the theatre under any circumstance.
  • VAFF will be responsible for mobile check-in before showtime at their designated table in lobby area.


  • Social distancing floor decals will be in place at the concession ordering and pick-up line.
  • Clear signage & instructions will be available at the concession area for ordering food and drinks.

VAFF COVID-19 Waiver of Liability:


Other Health & Safety Reference: