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About VAFF


VAFF strives to promote dynamic and innovative images of Asians, especially Canadian Asians, in atypical roles usually not found in mainstream film and television with the belief that in order to have these images, the creative control and storytelling must come from the Asian Canadian communities themselves and the support must begin with these independent Asian filmmakers. Therefore, this festival was created to showcase their works to both Asian and non-Asian audiences. This festival aims to include all Canadian communities and to develop open and appreciative communications between all communities in Vancouver



VAFF is the oldest Asian film festival in Canada. It was founded in 1995 and debuted in September 1997. Since then, tens of thousands of film lovers have experienced a diverse selection of North American-Asian and international films.

Each year VAFF attracts close to 4,000 audience members over its four-day festival and year round events. It also reaches many more through word of mouth, pre-festival events, and traditional and social media throughout the year.

VAFF is entirely organized and produced by a group of dedicated volunteers, and is made possible by generous financial support from corporate sponsors, public funders and private donors.