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2016 Emcees & Judges

2016 Best Canadian Short Award Adjudication Panel


Selwyn Jacob, Producer | He is a Canadian documentary filmmaker whose work has often explored the experiences of Black Canadians as well as other stories from Canada’s multicultural communities, as both as an independent director and since 1997 as a producer with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).


Paul Armstrong, Executive Director, Crazy8s

Suzette Laqua, Executive Director, Vancouver Web Fest



2016 Best Canadian Feature Award Adjudication Panel

Allan Harmon, Chair—Executive Board, Directors Guild of Canada (BC District Council)

Jennifer Liao, Independent Filmmaker

Adelina Suvagau, President, Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society




2016 VAFF Emcee – Moderator

Alden E. Habacon, @aldenhabacon

Brian Cheung

Bowen Zwang

Craig Takeuchi

Charles Raahul Singh

Lee Shorten, @lcshorten

Suzie Lee, @urbansusie

Winnie Tam

Yvette Lu, @yvettelu