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Canadian Shorts Series – MAMM Winners

  • 30 mins

Watch the Live Filmmakers Talk on November 8, 2020 4 pm (PST) at VAFFVancouver YouTube

If you like any of the films, you can be the judge to select the People’s Choice Award for Overall Short and Overall Performance, vote online at during the duration of the festival. Please share your experience with us on social media #VAFFVIRTUAL #VAFF

In this program

Dirty Laundry

Directed by Josh Aries

How do you win back an ex-girlfriend that can throw down when it counts? By staging and thwarting a fake robbery, of course.

Small Bites

Directed by Andy Wong

A woman goes hiking with a group of friends where she is bombarded with mosquitos, and micro aggressive questions.

Wish You Were Here

Directed by Shiun Okada & Yuko Masaki

An imaginative girl brings her unwilling boyfriend on an emotional rollercoaster to Japan from the comfort of their home during the pandemic.


Directed by Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto

After the death of her father, seventeen year-old Anjani is torn between her mother’s desire to sell the house and studio and her own dreams of continuing her father’s legacy as a shadow puppeteer.


Directed by Jon Chiang

Mark’s search for his ex-girlfriends cat leads him down a rabbit hole.

Thin Lines

Directed by Allen Xu & Moheb Jindran

A young man learns what racism is not from a wise old street artist.