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Canadian Shorts Series: Life & Death

  • 74 mins

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If you like any of the films, you can be the judge to select the People’s Choice Award for Overall Short and Overall Performance, vote online at during the duration of the festival. Please share your experience with us on social media #VAFFVIRTUAL #VAFF

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In this program

In Loving Memory

Directed by Diana Bang, Mayumi Yoshida

An apathetic young woman attends her dad’s wake, 20 years after he abandoned her family.

Serious Lees

Directed by Krista Jang

Nothing puts your identity, self-worth and family to the test like going to the Chinese supermarket, but it’s a journey one father and daughter are determined to take.


Directed by Kaayla Whachell

Laura, a young half Indigenous woman undergoes a conversation with her lawyer Mr. Wilson to determine how to present her case before the court. Mr. Wilson attempts to keep the process positive, but his ignorance begins to make Laura question her identity and her place in society.

And Now This?

Directed by Theo Kim

Faced with terminal cancer, a woman’s choice to die with dignity causes friction between her daughters who have opposing views on their mother’s heartbreaking decision.


Directed by Heather Hawthorn Doyle

A young married couple finally conceive their first child but when it ends in a heartbreaking miscarriage they discover that grieving their loss is much harder than expected.