The Star of Therapy

Directed by Bryce Iwaschuk

Cast: Ana Pacheco, Paula Spurr, Stella Lai

Kendra has been admitted into group therapy for her anxiety and depression. While learning about cognitive behavioural therapy and goal setting, she becomes increasingly competitive with her group members over completing her weekly goals. Will she work through her demons or lose sight of what the point of therapy really is?

Previous Screening: Canberra Mental Health Festival 2019, Twin Cities Film Festival 2019, Oregon Short Film Festival Winter 2020, Queens World Film Festival 2020, Columbus International Film and Animation Festival 2020, Believe Psychology Film Festival 2020, Die Laughing Film Festival 2020, Yorkton Film Festival 2020 – Nominee: Golden Sheaf Award (Comedy).

Previous Awards: Oregon Short Film Festival – Best Actress


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Canadian Shorts Series: Deep in Your Mind

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