Volunteer with VAFF

Why Volunteer?

Because we can’t run the festival without you! The continued success of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival is a reflection of the energy, passion and dedication VAFF volunteers demonstrate year after year. From annual events, ticket sales, festival screenings, and after parties, volunteers help out with all aspects of the festival, which would not be possible without their valuable contributions. As we celebrate our 22nd year, we would like to say a sincere “thank you” to this amazing and hardworking group—and hope you will join us this year!

What is VAFF?

The Vancouver Asian Film Festival Society (VAFF) is a non-profit organization that celebrates diversity in film. The longest-running Canadian film festival of its kind, VAFF was founded by independent filmmaker and writer Barbara K. Lee in 1995 and debuted in September 1997. VAFF is entirely organized and produced by a group of dedicated volunteers, generous financial support from corporate sponsors, public funders and private donors.

We are proud of our volunteers’ dedication and enthusiasm in promoting cultural diversity and playing an essential role in the arts and culture scene in Vancouver.

What is it like to be a VAFF volunteer?

The continued success of VAFF reflects the energy, passion and dedication of VAFF Volunteers demonstrated year after year. On average, VAFF has 150 volunteers annually, from all over the world and of all ages, promoting cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

From the Executive Team to the general festival and event volunteers, volunteers strive to create a professional and fun-filled atmosphere, one that values everyone’s contribution of skills, time and energy. Our community-minded environment has brought back many volunteers returning year after year as well.

Whether you are a film student, industry professional, film enthusiast, or adventure-seeker, join the Volunteer Team to celebrate diversity in film with exclusive access to festival films and parties!


  • Access to Festival Movies & Panel Discussions (subject to seating availability)
  • Access to parties and celebrations on each night of our November festival
  • Gain work experience and skills
  • Increase knowledge about film industry
  • Participate in the excitement of a 4-day Film Festival
  • Meet local & international filmmakers and actors
  • Meet 100+ other volunteers at the orientation, during shifts, and at parties
  • Receive Electronic Volunteer Certificates and/or Reference Letters
  • Help increase intercultural sharing and understanding in Vancouver and beyond
  • Attend our exclusive Volunteer Appreciation Party following the November festival.

If you are interested as a general volunteering, please complete the Volunteer Application Form or email volunteer@vaff.org if you have any questions!